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Eco Joy Bags knows that sustainability is important to you. That is why Eco Joy Bags was created. By simply using reusables, you are helping to create a more sustainable world.

Eco Joy Bags uses two different materials for our bags, ripstop nylon and organic cotton. Ripstop nylon bags are more durable, lighter in weight and more compact. They are very easy to fold up to carry with you and light enough not to need to weigh them prior to filling. Though not waterproof, it does carry some water resistance which is perfect for grocery or freshly washed produce. Although it is a man-made material, production uses much less water than cotton.

Conventional cotton is one of the heaviest users of pesticides in the world. The organic cotton used for our bags is non-GMO and is grown and processed without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Organic cotton bags will compost at end-of-life. They have ties for ease of closure. Though they weigh slightly more, at only 24.5g you are paying very little if you don't pre-weigh.

Both nylon and cotton bags can be brought to a textile recycling bin. These can be found at recycling centres and certain retailers. Simply search for textile recycling in your area.

Your order will have minimal packaging with no plastic. I use only rescued packing paper and hemp twine to wrap your items. The envelopes are from FSC certified paper. Some tape is used to affix the label for international orders and local orders include a stamp. Other than the stamp and the tape which cannot be avoided, the rest is completely compostable.



All items are handmade by myself. Items are not manufactured overseas for resale. Each item is made with care right in the heart of Canada.

All our materials are ethically sourced. Our ripstop nylon is manufactured in the USA, and the organic cotton comes from Turkey and India from manufacturers who are in compliance with WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production). WRAP ensures workers have a safe and healthy work environment, no child labour, fair wages, are treated with respect and are given workers benefits, among other things. More information can be found at

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